Monday, 29 May 2017

Step in time: Heighten your own awareness

Our toes play a vital role in two areas:

Circulation of blood and lymph

Toes become uncomfortable(setting aside accidents) when there is:
 1 -  a mismatch between the footwear and shape of the feet.
2 - there is a postural issue resulting in the feet moving incorrectly within footwear causing toes to be squashed, bent, or twisted. Sometimes all three.

When discomfort is ignored eventually pain will occur. Remember pain is the only mechanism the brain has to bring to the consciousness, there is a problem.

The painful conditions that are commonly seen range from hard skin and corns, to toe deformity such as Hammer toes and or mallet toes and joint malalignment.

All toe conditions are easy to treat and resolve, providing, an individual is prepared to work with their mind, brain and body. The goal being to heighten awareness of how the body is moving or being held whilst the mind is anywhere but in the present moment. Then if necessary make the appropriate changes.

When the bones, ligaments, muscles and joints are all correctly aligned then there will be better balance and improved blood flow through the legs and feet.

To achieve this toes have to have room in which to move and spread.

Step in time and feel your toes working.

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