Monday, 2 January 2017

Step in time: Heighten your own awareness.

Prevention is better than cure.

This is absolutely the case when applied to footwear.

The right shoe for the right occasion.

For a wide variety of reasons, slip on footwear is worn by the majority of adults and teenagers; frequently too often and for too long.

To keep slip ons on the foot, the foot has to be wedged into it otherwise the heel lifts out of the back of the footwear.

There are 28 bones in a normal adult foot. That snug feeling is bones being squashed together. This has the effect of altering how the foot functions. Over time these changes lead to foot deformities that are preceded often by aches and pains which in the beginning usually go off after a while of coming out of slip on. Gradually the  episodes get closer together until pain is continuous. Then help is sort.

Everyday footwear ought to have an ankle fastening that keeps the heel at the back of the heel cup and providing the shape of the toe box is the correct shape for the foot, there will be space for the toes to move. Both  in front and above them.

On special occasions wear what is felt is appropriate.

Get into the habit of making the right choice.

Heighten awareness of what is being felt in the moment. Then, better posture will be easy to maintain. This usually will result in having a comfortable body.