Sunday, 26 February 2017

Step in Time: Heighten your awareness.

Our body is a mass of tubes. For the blood alone, there is 60,000 miles.

The cardiovascular system endeavours to constantly ensure there is an adequate supply of blood to all body tissues. Each tissue type has its own minimum number of milliliters of blood per minute to sustain its metabolic activity removal of its waste products.

Blood has two components: (1) Blood plasma and (2) Formed Elements( Red blood cells(RBC), white cells, lymphocytes, and platelets). RBC account for 45% and the remainder is mainly plasma.

It takes a RBC about a minute from leaving the heart to getting back.

A RBC is viable for about 120 days and are replaced at the rate of 2 million per second.

Surely it makes sense to help your body work at it's optimum by focusing on being aware of maintaining good posture at all times.

Step in time and stay comfortable.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Step in TIME: Heighten your own awareness

In a day there are 86400 seconds.

Sleep  accounts for approximately a third, leaving around 57600 seconds.

With everyone of those 86400 seconds our brain and body are constantly changing.

Even when we are still, movement is occurring to maintain that stillness. A normal brain is controlling all of this.

When there is a lack of attention to body alignment, gravity brings pressure to bear on joints, resulting usually in poor posture. A good example is sitting badly leading to being round shouldered, neck and head to far forward. Then the head is in front of the centre of mass. As the seconds tick inextricably by the brain has to cope with consequences. 

Frequently aches and pains arise, initiating movement until in the new position it starts again.

This is all avoidable. Use time wisely to maintain excellent posture. 

Act now to stay comfortable.

Step in time!