Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Step in Time: Heighten your own awareness

The ankle joint is a mass of ligaments(the function of which is to maintain alignment of bones at a joint). There is no direct muscle attachments around the ankle joint itself, therefore muscles are unable in this case to meet their primary function of giving stability of a joint.

When a heel strike is outside normal limits the ankle joint will either seize up(hypomobile) or be too loose(hypermobile).

When either of these happen the function of the feet are impaired which in turn creates instability; both for the feet and how the whole leg functions.

A simple way to lessen the detrimental effects of a poorly aligned ankle joint is to wear footwear that supports the ankles e.g. boot type styles.

Prevention is always better than cure. Work with your mind brain and body to create improved stability by supporting your ankles in your normal day to day activities.

Step in time.

Heighten awareness of what you are feeling is happening as your body moves.  

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