Saturday, 10 February 2018

Length and shape of Toes

How closely have you looked at your toes?

When considering what style of footwear to choose, that shape is important.

When there are long 3rd or 4th toes, slip on footwear should be avoided.

When slip ons are worn in such a case over time hard skin and corns arise on the toes and balls of the feet eventually pain will arise followed by toe deformity such as hammer and mallet toes.

The style to go for to prevent such things developing is  footwear with an ankle fixing. Such styles keep the heel back in the heel cup so maximising the space in the forefoot.

The shape of the forefoot should also be chosen with care. Some people have a very square forefoot. If that is the case the more rounded the shape the better.

Remember  prevention is always better the cure.

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